Export Import Course in India

Export Import Course

An Export Import Course is a training program designed to educate individuals on the intricacies of international trade. These Export Import Course teaches candidate how to Import and Export goods, manage Logistics, navigate customs regulations and comply with legal requirements. It also covers topics such as identifying potential markets, negotiating deals with overseas partners, understanding currency exchange rates and managing inventory levels. Following are the course details with the subjects covered.

Advance Certificate in International Trade (EXPORT IMPORT COURSE)

Subjects Covering: International Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Export Finance and Banking, Exchange control regulations, Fema 1999, Export procedure and Documentation, Payment terms, Import Management, Custom Clearance, Regulations regarding Imports, GST act on Export-Import, Foreign trade Policy, Foreign trade Logistics & Cargo insurance. The curriculum of Export Import Course typically includes case studies that illustrate real-world scenarios faced by Importers and Exporters. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills through group discussions and problem-solving exercises. These Export Import Course also provide practical knowledge in the form of educational visit to Sea Port & other Regulatory Bodies. An Export Import Course can be taken online or in person, making it accessible to people from all walks of life who aspire to a career in global business or wish to expand their current business abroad. So these Export Import Course play a vital role in creating a healthy business & developing the country in the race of overseas